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Who We Are:

Who We are Not:

1. We are a Personal Management Firm representing the business interests of models and actors ( Our Clients). This is a specific category of business as defined by general business law of New York State

2. We are experts in promoting our clients to corporate advertisers for use in commercial advertising projects... and in negotiating contracts for their services in accordance with National Standards in terms of contract terms and compensation.

3. Our corresponding Corporate Clients are largely publicly traded companies or their Ad Agencies who have advertising produced in Upstate New York.

4, We are experts in Labor Law as it is defined for Models and Actors working in NYS. See:

5. We represent Men and Women over 18 years of age who are physically suitable to compete for professional quality jobs at professional level wage scales.

6. We prefer seasoned clients with relevant industry experience, professional quality model portfolios and actors with national credits on their resumes. We are extremely selective in who we agree to represent. We do take a small number of "New Faces" each year... depending on the projected needs of the marketplace.

7. We evaluate candidates for enthusiasm, business acumen, initiative, and suitable personality aside from simple physical appearance.

8. We become the "business side" of our actor model clients with a fiduciary responsibility to them.

9. We focus on traditionally handsome athletic men with well proportioned bodies... and elegant classy women.

10. On the advertising side we book primarily, Commercial Print, Consumer Internet Advertising and Television Commercials.

11. We are experts at SAG/AFTRA TV and Radio Contracts.. and their terms. and pay scales.

12, We are compensated by our clients on a contingency commission basis. i.e. we ONLY make money on work our clients actually procure. There are NO fees or other charges for being represented by Nexus. Models and Actors are, however, responsible for the costs of their own individual advertising and promotional materials.

13. We do require regional ( Upstate New York) exclusivity of our clients.

14. We are a New York State Corporation in business since 1983.

1. We are not a Modeling School, A Model School Franchise ( i.e. Barbizon, Willhelmina, etc.) ,or a Temporary Employment Agency of any sort or kind..

2. We are not a collector of random faces which are kept in casting files... just in case!.

3. We do not manage children of ANY SORT. ( There is NO money in it regionally and there are specific laws governing the employment of child models and actors. i.e. "Coogan Laws" governing trust requirements for income earned by minors plus work permit laws.)

4. We do not sell test photography. walking lessons, makeup courses , model portfolios, classes, mugs, T Shirts etc. ( You can't go to school to be a model. is genetic. You either are or are not. If you get a job... people do your makeup and provide wardrobe for you.)

5. We are not a free library for industry information. We do not provide consultations by phone or e-mail. (We do look at e-mailed photos to decide who we may have an interest in interviewing for mutually beneficial representation. New Face photos can be sent to for review.)

6. We do not respond to photo submissions from candidates in whom we have no interest.

7. We do not return "request-for-information" telephone calls.

8. We do not represent "real people", plus size models, pets, musicians, or promotional models.

9. We do not charge any fees... except for commissions on paid work resulting from our services to our clients..

10. We do not represent people who wish to approach this on a lark or as a hobby. It is not. It is not the equivalent of piano or tap dance lessons. It is business. Normal business laws apply in this industry too.

11. We do not accept any kind of work offered. It has to meet certain requirements in terms of type, pay rates and terms. We quote all projects in writing to the corporate clients before any interaction by the talent represented. We are transparent in all negotiations. We negotiate for the talent we represent.. not for the company.

12. We do not train anyone. Models are born not trained. Circus animals are trained. The industry is all about what you look ( photograph) like and whether you can follow rudimentary direction. i.e. " Just read the lines and don't trip over the furniture."

13. We are not staffed by ex-hairdressers, ex-beauty queens,ex cheerleaders ,current scam artists, or ex-mall- fashion show divas. We are staffed by professionals with college degrees and expertise in contracts, labor law, privacy law, advertising & promotion and computer technology.

Ten ( 10) Facts You Should Know About the Modeling Industry
  1. The primary legal basis for the advertising sector of this industry is founded in privacy law and licensing law. Your "agent" should be knowledgeable in both. I put the word agent in quotes since in New York State most entities known as model agencies are actually under law personal managers or at least claim to be. There is a legal distinction. Most in reality are actually illegally functioning as unlicensed temporary employment agencies.

  2. Model Schools are RETAIL operations. They derive the majority of their revenue from selling classes, training courses, photography, promotional material and occasionally T-Shirts and Mugs. Any money given to a Modeling School/ Training program may just as well have been burnt on a cold evening: at least it would have provided some warmth. ANY such entity ( franchised or independent) has NO incentive to negotiate for you in an advertising contract deal since any work they may book for their "clients"... has more intrinsic value to them as advertising to promote the "value" of their primary sources of revenue ( courses, photography, promotional material etc.) to the gullible retail public than are the commissions they might make off the job.

  3. Models in New York State are by statute literal employees of the hiring entity.. i.e. photographer, publication, ad agency, manufacturer or the entity who obtains the rights to use the images for advertising purposes. They are by Law to be covered for Unemployment Insurance benefits when paid. They cannot be independent contractors unless they are also bona fide business entities with EIN Numbers. Employers who pay models as independent contractors ( though laundering it through an " agency) are breaking the law. All revenues you recieve from modeling are usually to be treated as wages. See: NYS Labor Law Regarding This Subject

  4. Modeling is about what you look like... not what you know. Talking about it does not row the boat. Pictures do.

  5. If you want to be a "Fashion" model there are very specific age, height , weight and look requirements. You can only pursue this part of the industry in MAJOR centers for fashion and publishing since it requires a synergy between both those industries to make it possible These Fashion centers are large metro areas: NYC, LA, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Toronto etc. There are not many of them. If you have the potential to be a TOP FASHION MODEL you should send your material directly to the 10 or so agencies which handle them. They will look at it. Being involved with an Affiliate of one.. buys you nothing which directly sending in your own material wouldn't. Affiliates are simply local business paying a franchise fee for use of the well known agency's name. They are not subsidiaries of the big name agencies. They are usually totally separate business entities.

  6. Promotional Modeling is NOT modeling: It is Standing outside KFC dressed as a chicken. Local Fashion Shows...( which pay little and usually nothing) are fantasy trips for dreamers. " Fashion Week" only really happens in big fashion-centric metros. In Podunk it is all a Mickey and Judy putting on a play in barn stuff.

  7. When seeking an "agent/ manager" you should be interested in their background and credentials. Ask to see them. If they are doing their job properly they are going to be handling business FOR YOU. They are going to be handling your money as well. If they look like they may need it more than you do... it may disappear before you ever see it. This is not uncommon. If they are genuine they have a fiduciary responsibility to you and legally must put your interests before theirs. When an agency interviews you; Interview them. Look up the personnel you are dealing with up on the web. Ask to see detailed invoices for work booked for their clients.... not just tear sheets. Ask for a corporate client list. Ask about their business structure. Don't trust the BBB reviews. They are usually meaningless.
  8. Submitting professional images to a real model "agency" gives you a much better chance of being taken than just just sending in snapshots. If you have any real potential it is not that difficult to get professional material as "tests for trade" from new aspiring photographers. ( Many are on the WEB) Photographers generally do not make hiring decisions for ad campaigns: the ad agencies do. Don't overestimate the photographer's influence or ability to get you work. They probably can't.

  9. Child Modeling/Acting is governed by specific labor laws in NYS. It involves more than getting "work permits" from schools. Clients hiring children are obliged to pay a percentage of any money a child receives into TRUST FUND . The parents are supposed to set up the trust not the agents. Clients who do not comply with this are breaking NYS Law: See NYS "Coogan Laws".

  10. SAG ( The Screen Actors Guild) and AFTRA ( American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) set the Standards for rate of pay and contract terms for actors involved in film , television. radio and TV commercials. There ARE national pay standards to judge the value of a job. Be sure any "agent" you partner with understands these.... usually hairdressers don't.

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